[Solved] 10-1 Discussion: Preparing for the Future

The HIM field is evolving as several factors influence the healthcare environment and healthcare information security (AHIMA, 2018). Ideally, HIM professionals’ tasks and responsibilities are beginning to span across all healthcare industry departments. Specifically, tasks that used to be done in a health records department are beginning to overflow into other parts of the facility (AHIMA, 2018). Initially, HIM professionals main task and responsibility entailed the collection, storage, coding, processing, analysis, and interpretation of health care records, as well as privacy, security, and the confidentiality of PHI. However, according to AHIMA (2018), HIM professionals have begun addressing other issues in healthcare, including technological changes. Besides, their roles have expanded into other departments to handle issues like quality improvement, administration concerns, revenue cycle management, and financial strategic planning. In essence, the fundamentals of HIM professionals are evolving, and in the future, the HIM field will transform into a set of functions that go on throughout the organization (Dimick, 2012). 

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