[Solved] HIM 675-10-2 Journal: Reflection

10-2 Journal: Reflection

Everything went well during my final project. I identified the quality issue at St. Mary’s Maternity Hospital (poor service quality) and researched its connection to the larger healthcare landscape. I then analyzed the scenario at the hospital using a dataset that had been provided using the Minitab statistical software, identifying trends, determining the causes of the poor service quality at the hospital, and recommending quality improvement initiatives to address the causes of poor service quality at the hospital. I also developed an enterprise-wide research plan to explore the poor service quality at St. Mary s Maternity Hospital at an enterprise-wide level. Furthermore, I explained how the proposed research methods would comply with research administrative processes and policies. Lastly, I combined all the three milestones constituting the project, making required changes based on the feedback provided and submitting a final product. I conducted these exercises more effectively, scoring an A in all four milestones. 

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