[Solved] HIM 600-9-1 Final Project I: Coding Compliance Program Proposal

I.                   Case Analysis

Case Analysis: Background

Before implementing the proposed computer-assisted coding (CAC) technology, Healthy Health Center uses other forms of coding technologies, such as the DRG groupers and encoders. Thus, the facility must only consider implementing a new CAC compatible with its other technologies, apart from effectively reading the facility s EHR documentation to improve coding and billing processes (Thompson, 2019). By being compatible, the new CAC should function alongside all the other technological systems the organization uses without any hitches.

Besides, it is significant to assess the size of Healthy Health Center, including the number of employees that will need to be trained to use the new CAC technology, the volume of its clientele, and the services offered by the organization. From the Healthy Health Centre case study, the facility is a 400-bed multi-specialty community hospital serving approximately 900 patients daily. Its 175 physician practices offer several healthcare services, including 24-hour emergency, orthopedics, and neurology services. Nine inpatient clinical coders code the resulting physician-patient encounters. It is noted that most of the facility s coders are less experienced and not credentialed; thus, they will require additional training to be acquainted with the software. Additionally, due to the facility s patient traffic, it is essential to assess and determine when the patients’ volume is at its lowest before implementing the new CAC to lower the anticipated and unanticipated challenges in case the implementation is unsuccessful (Hartman et al., 2012).   

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