[Solved]- Kingdom of God (as the big picture)

The Kingdom of God as the Big Picture  

Roberts (2012) and Brannon (2015) highlighted that the Kingdom of God is the central theology of the bible or the key theme of the bible. Despite containing various materials authored over a long period by different human authors, the bible is unified together by the promise of the kingdom (Roberts, 2012). Precisely, it is one book with one storyline but authored by a variety of people. The Old Testament provides an unfinished promise on the Kingdom of God; thus, it must be supplemented by the New Testament to understand and fulfill the promise. This means that all the books in the bible make sense while being read together. Therefore, the Kingdom of God is the central theme of the biblical and theological teaching of the bible or the spiritual realm over which God as the king reigns over the Earth and humanity.

Brannon (2015) indicated that in the book of Genesis 1, Moses documented the theological and biblical background of the Kingdom of God. As the great king, God created humanity in His own image and likeness to rule the world alongside and underneath him (Bible, 1996). Additionally, God mandated humanity to be fruitful, multiply, fill the Earth, and gave them power over every living thing that he created (Gen 1:28). This means that as human beings multiply, the image of God also multiplies; thus, extending the reign and the dominion of God, the great King on Earth. Therefore, in relation to the Kingdom of God, God gave humanity the privilege and task to extend His reign throughout the whole Earth by multiplying and filling the Earth under the realm of God, the great king.

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