[Solved] HIM 675-7-2 Final Project Milestone Three: Enterprise-Wide Research Plan


7-2 Final Project Milestone Three: Enterprise-Wide Research Plan

I.                   Enterprise-Wide Research Plan

A.    Qualitative Data

Different sets of qualitative data will be collected to inform valid recommendations for the quality care issues at the enterprise-wide level. Poor service delivery has been identified as the biggest quality issue facing St. Mary’s Maternity Hospital. Therefore, it will be essential for the research team to collect various forms of qualitative data to guide valid recommendations for service quality improvement. First, the hospital will collect patients’ general and demographic information, for instance, age of patients, whether they have delivered at the hospital in the past or whether it is their first time, whether they are primiparas or not, patients’ ethnicity, and whether they have any long-term disabilities. Next, the research team will collect specific information related to the service quality perception of the patients. This information will include patients’ views on the timeliness of service delivery, availability of essential services and equipment, whether healthcare professionals take time to attend to a patient’s concerns, whether they guide patients on what to do or what not to do, how they handle emergencies, how they prioritize patient and new-born safety, whether maternity wards are crowded, whether the hospital has adequate healthcare professionals, whether maternity wards are clean and hygienic, waiting times before seeing a doctor, whether they were offered antenatal classes and nutritional/lifestyle information, and their perception of the overall maternity service quality. Generally, this data will highlight patients overall satisfaction with the services offered by the hospital, helping the hospital identify areas that lag in service quality, hence, needing improvement. 

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