[Solved]- Marketing a New Product

New Product Details

In the previous submission, the main focus was on the analysis of the trends for the sales of two main product lines. However, this section looks at one of the 4 P`s in the marketing mix as far as the product is concerned. In the previous submission, the main focus was on two product lines. This project narrows down to the winter sports equipment products as the ultimate area of focus as far as understanding the trends in the development of a superior platform for improved consumption and sales is concerned. In this category, there is a wide range of products that the firm offers to consumers. Therefore, the main focus is on the ski boot. This product will help the company to focus on a selected and niche market and hence achieve better sales in the future.


This product is targeted mainly on the youth and children who engage in various sporting activities during the winter period. For instance, the ski boots are best suited for sporting events like golfing, skiing and but not limited to ice hockey games. These areas attract not only the professional but also new players who engage in skiing games. Further, the selected parties exhibit the required level of skills as far as skiing is concerned. The firm in the survey found out that the youth products were in high demand. Therefore, the main focus should be on the delivery of this product targeting the youth who engage either in leisure or professional gaming activities (Dolnicar, Grün & Leisch, 2018). Additionally, the target market for this product is composed of young people who may be driven by the desire to explore new ideas and adventure. Through the product, it is possible to explore more environments and hence increase consumption in the process. 

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