[Solved] HIM 600-10-1 Discussion: Reflection and Looking Ahead


Upon reviewing my initial post, I would add several essential auditing and monitoring elements of healthcare coding compliance. Notably, I would add the concept that conducting external audit allows vendors to provide highly experienced auditors, bringing outside ideas, perception, and solutions to the facility’s objective examination and evaluation. I did realise that when health facilities hire external auditors, the external auditor will conduct baseline audits, sampling various services to measure the coding compliance for each provider and coder (Alonso et al., 2020).

Looking Ahead

How advancements in technology and AI have impacted coding departments

Stanfill and Marc (2019) provided several ways in which the growing technology in healthcare has impacted coding. Notably, the growing utilisation of artificial intelligence (AI) has introduced labour-intensive and cost-effective technologies in healthcare coding. Additionally, AI technology has accelerated the volume of healthcare data, leading to an information boom within the industry.

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