[Solved] HIM 600 - 5-3 Final Project I Milestone Two: Draft of Technology and Policy Recommendations

A.    Technology and Policy Recommendations

i.                    Technology Integration 

Healthy Health Center coders are experiencing reduced productivity, accuracy rates, and inability to meet benchmarks. Besides, the facility s physician documentation has also been considered insufficient to enhance diagnosis selection at the highest specificity level. The facility needs to make policy and procedure changes based on these challenges to improve coding accuracy rates, coding productivity, physician documentation, patient care quality, reimbursement process, and compliance. The hospital has considered implementing new healthcare technologies to improve these issues, helping lower coding errors and improve coder productivity. However, its coders are currently using the DRG groupers and encoders. Notable technology that the clinic can implement as a solution to the mentioned challenges is Computer-assisted coding (CAC) technology. According to Crawford (2013), CAC scans clinical documentation data in a facility s EHR, interprets the data, and identifies the key terminologies to suggest clinical codes for the medical service rendered. Healthy Health Center’s coders can then review the suggested codes for accuracy, improving their coding accuracy rates. As indicated by Crawford (2013), CAC solutions are significant in elevating coder accuracy rates and productivity, and their impact can always be observed within days of implementation, with the average coder productivity improvement estimated at 20-40%. 

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