[Solved] 3-2 Short Paper: Complying With a New Regulation

TO: HIM Director

FROM: Name


SUBJECT: Complying with a New Regulation

Statement of Problem

The recent new regulation by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) recommends changes to how essential administrative and clinical information are exchanged between care stakeholders and to support effectual care coordination. According to the new regulations, payers are advised to use application programming interfaces (APIs) to ameliorate the electronic exchange of care information. This means that the information system for the business will need to be updated by the vendor to include a new data point to allow sharing of healthcare information with patients or exchange of healthcare information between payers or between care provider and payer. 

Clarification of Role

As a Health Information Management professional, my role is to design, organize, manage, and follow up on implementing the new regulation at Mercy Vale Medical Center. It will be significant to stay up-to-date with the status of the new regulation at the facility and minimize potential issues that may arise during the implementation of the new regulation (Gleeson, 2021). Therefore, HIM professionals will need to understand the applicability of the new regulation and data point within the business and plan for an effective strategy to adopt APIs in the electronic exchange of healthcare information. Specifically, the HIM department will help develop an approach to utilizing APIs that supports population management, care, and communication with the patients.  

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