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The function of Imagination in Cervantes Don Quixote

In the novel, Don Quixote, imagination is presented as a significant theme that gives life to the characters. The two main characters, Quixote and Sancho through imagination struggle and hope to achieve their dreams and when their hopes fade in the end, they are figuratively presented as dead. Through this, Cervantes successfully builds imaginary characters with imaginary speeches; thereby, blurring the difference between reality and imagination to present an ambiguity that offers an open to divergent interpretation text. For instance, in the early pages of the novel, the narrator provides the background information about Don Quixote to the audience and his obsession with knight-errantry, which leads him to trade many of his properties to purchase books of chivalric romance (Saavedra, 9). Later, Quixote becomes obsessed with reading the chivalric romances, which isolates him from real life to the imaginary world. 

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