[Solved] HIM 675-3-2 Worksheet: Forming Conclusions From Data

3-2 Worksheet: Forming Conclusions from Data

Read each short scenario below and answer the questions. Each question will require you to use a different tool and data from Minitab Express. To complete each task, you will click the link to the data set, download the data, open the data in Minitab Express, and perform the appropriate calculations. Refer to Appendix C in your textbook for assistance determining the most appropriate calculation for each scenario.

1.      In the first quarter of 2016, St. Mary Maternity Hospital performed 1,567 operations. Using the data supplied, calculate the infection rate for the first quarter of 2016. (Note: Use the Post-surgical Infection Data in Minitab Express.)

            Figure 1: Minitab Output 1

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