[Solved] HIM 675-6-1 Worksheet: Data Mining

6-1 Worksheet: Data Mining

In this worksheet, you will determine the qualitative and quantitative data needed to address a specific situation/scenario. You will then determine the research methods that must be used to obtain this data.

Scenario: Regency Healthcare is looking to expand its cardiology services. They have two choices of location to do so. One location is a rural area that has little in the way of specialty services. The other location is an urban area in which they would be sharing the demographic with three other competitors.

·         Which location would make the most fiscal sense?

·         Which location would best expand the practice?


·         The demographics for both locations have large populations.

·         There are more males than females in the rural location.

·         The urban population is older.

·         The rural population has more active and former smokers.

Answer the following questions:

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