Solved: Look Differently to See Through

Read Preble Part 1: Chapter 4 and Chapter 5. Chose an artwork in the Preble text that you do NOT understand (i.e., like). Remember to include the page number it appears on from the text. Determine what is unappealing to you. Is it the method of construction, the media used, or the message?

Explain why you do not appreciate the work, giving examples to support your deductions. Now, the important part: work to see it differently. Understand that like has nothing to do with it.

Consider variations in your perspective and explain how you could see the artwork differently. Explain how you can better understand the artists intent.

One does not have to agree or disagree with the message. The point is, can you see through the clutter of dislike to reach the intended narrative? You will want to make your arguments clear, describing your choices and why you chose them.

Requirements Assignment must be submitted as a Word document Demonstrate a strong argument for dislike, providing examples in support of your first impression claims of dislike.

Conduct further research (find more information than the textbook offers about the work you chose) to inform your efforts at trying to see through Consider the artists intentions, location of the work, time period of creation, and all elements (design, color, symbolism, etc.) to come to an understanding of meaning beyond first impressions

Describe how understanding Preble’s three methods of criticism altered your perspective and/or boosted your ego. Did it assist in changing your view? Remember to cite your sources. If there are no sources used, please indicate so.

This is a TurnItIn integrated assignment. The goal of the assignment is not to ultimately like the work you chose. It is to develop an alternative, more informed understanding of the work than first impressions brought.

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